How to Use this Library


All the images in this library can be made much larger or much smaller with your browser's zoom controls. On a touchscreen: pinch and spread. With a mouse: use its wheel, or check out these how-to-zoom tips.

Wide items can be scrolled both left and right, and up and down. For example, try the horizontal scroll bar (pictured below) at the bottom of your screen to scroll wide items.


These innovative charts were built with a coding language named SVG. Some of the diagrams have control 🔘 buttons to launch additional animated effects. Here are the three skills— scroll, zoom, tap— which you need to master:

Relax: altering an image won't break it. If you lose your way, just reload the page (press F5 on Windows keyboards) to start afresh. The breadcrumb menu at the top of the text pages enables you to retrace your way through the site hierarchy.

If the Romans had had computers, this is how they would have wanted to read books on screen: by scrolling, not turning pages.

The diagrams in this library are contemporary in linework and color so that your sense of their freshness will correspond to the pleasure of a Latin reader in late antiquity. These diagrams deserve to be presented in glory, not faded and ill copied.

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