Ac: Stemma in the San Millán Bible


Spain, Madrid, Biblioteca de la Real Academia de la Historia, Cod.2, folios 1r-4r

Online: Digitized.

Seven pages, French (Carolingian) script; text in black and red, roundels drawn by compass; illuminations in a variety of colors; parchment 49 x 35 cm.

The effect is of chaos, with the roundels forced to fill all the free space, so that the diagram's grand patterns are entirely lost. The text, however, appears to be ancient, with fewer "corrections" than in other manuscripts. The figurative illuminations comprise three complexes of arches (pages 1, 2 and 7) and a Christ in glory, two fingers raised, on a throne, in a gilt enclosure on the seventh and final page.

This is the source of the Great Stemma partial transcript with the sigle PROL gen E in Fischer's partial collation of the Great Stemma.

Given siglum Ac by Załuska (Liminaires).

The codex

362 folios, (columns and illumination to come).

Made in Spain in the 12th or 13th century, attributed by T. Ayuso Marazuela to the scriptorium of the Monastery of San Millán de la Cogolla.

The rest of this codex contains a bible, starting with Genesis, ending with Baruch, with many miniatures. The same bible continues into a second codex, Cod. 3, which has 351 folios. Thus the compact reference: Madrid, BRAH, 2-3. This bible is Beuron number 95 on account of its Vetus Latina marginal glosses, while its Vulgate text has siglum AR in the Roman Vulgate edition.


Ca: Spain, Calahorra, Cathedral, Cod. 2, folios ..... Calahorra Bible Stemma (Delta 2) (173 folios; 55 x 37 cm; parchment), the source of PROL gen C in Fischer's partial collation of the Great Stemma. Believed to have been made at Calahorra in 1183 since a table of Easter dates at the start of the manuscript begins in that year. The script matches this dating. The rest of the Calahorra codex contains a Vulgate Bible with numerous miniatures, depleted by extensive loss of folios. Beuron number 96 on account of Vetus Latina marginal glosses.


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