Issue 30: Meshing Filum A


Filum A second part

The plot above shows, from top, the Plutei, Roda and Morgan manuscripts.


The manuscripts exhibit certain regular correspondences between Filum A and the substemmata below it. Note how Zilpah is regularly placed under Judah, and Levi mostly appears under Aram (blue encirclings). This meshing has been preserved in the present edition.

A more difficult issue was the correct position of the pair Booz-Ruth (B-R). In Plutei they are placed about the Joshua line (J1 on the plot), which blocks an emendment proposed to the positioning of Miriam. The correct position thus appears to be above the J2 line, which is where the present edition puts them. Roda is no help here, as it has B-R out of alignment.

In Plutei, Samuel and Saul are shown thrust up to row 0 (top right). This is an error and this edition begins those sub-stemmata in row 1.

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