Arrangement 16: Samuel


A simple columnar arrangement, containing four roundels.  Dimensions: 1 wide by 4 tall. Liber Genealogus counterpart: section 32.

Family of Samuel

The plots show Samuel and his three sons as a pendant chain in the Plutei manuscript (left) and as a loose group without connectors in Roda (right).

Family of Samuel


Only the Beta manuscripts show a fourth son, Abijah (1 Samuel 8:2). None of the three sons shown here is mentioned in the Liber Genealogus G, but they are picked up in Liber Genealogus L (Mommsen 530) and are duly included in the edition (see Eli).

This group is not attached to Filum A, as Samuel was not an ancestor of Jesus. The reconstruction above is straightforward. From the logic of the Great Stemma it seems to be long in rows 1-4, and the connecting lines of Plutei would seem to be original.

There is no evidence the three sons were ever docked in a radiating pattern, or were joined to the father by a bus connector. The pendant chain shown is fully consistent with the usage elsewhere in the Great Stemma.

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