Arrangement 15: Eli


A simple columnar arrangement, containing six roundels. Dimensions: 1 wide by 6 tall. Liber Genealogus counterpart: section 31 (latter part).

Family of Eli

The plots show Eli, his two sons, his two grandsons and his great-grandson as a pendant chain in the Plutei manuscript (left) and as a loose group without connectors in Roda (right).

Reconstruction of Eli


This group is not attached to Filum A, as Samuel was not an ancestor of Jesus. The Liber Genealogus G only lists the two sons, not the grandsons and great-grandson, but L (Mommsen 525-526) and the hyparchetype inferred from it, Ψ, do add Achitob et Beriochabel and grandson Abimelech. Exceptionally, the edition follows Ψ here.

The reconstruction below is straightforward. It is assumed from the overall logic of the timeline that Eli was placed in row 1 of this grid (not higher as in some manuscripts), and that a single line through the centres connected the group.

There is no evidence the connectors to the descendants were ever arranged in any kind of ramifying pattern. They were clearly laid out on a simple pendant chain, a pattern which is consistent with the usage elsewhere in the Great Stemma, allowing this group to be accommodated in a single column of the grid. The shading in the reconstruction indicates the generations.

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