Arrangement 13: Bilhah


A simple fork containing eight roundels. Dimensions: 2 wide by 6 tall. Liber Genealogus counterparts: section 18 (sons) and section 23 (the grandsons).

Bilhah in the manuscripts, a survey

Plutei at left, Roda at right.

Bilhah reconstruction


The stemma of the sons of Bilhah is a relatively simple and invariable arrangement in the various manuscripts of the Great Stemma. In the plot, the Roda depiction at right, with both sons, Naphtali and Dan, placed somewhat below the mother, is probably closer to the original. Note that the Plutei group is peculiarly assymetrical.

This group is not attached to Filum A: Bilhah would have been placed in row number two to leave sufficient headroom for the top filum.

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