Arrangement 7: Hagar


A long columnar arrangement with no ramifications, containing 15 roundels. Dimensions: 3 wide by 10 tall. Liber Genealogus counterpart: section 12 (first part).

Family of Hagar

From left: the Plutei, San Juan Bible and Roda versions.

Family of Hagar


Hagar (marked grey in the reconstruction above) is the mother of Ishmael, who in turn has 12 sons and one daughter. This group is not attached to Filum A, but was allowed to occupy all ten available rows. Despite this, a final bend to the left was required.

Plutei and Roda (left and right) employ a similar structure at the top, with Mahalath (daughter of Ishmael and sister of Nebaioth and wife of Esau) shown attached to Nebaioth. The Gamma recension (centre), which omits not only her but also Kedemah, is not helpful.

The solution assumes that Plutei is correct to shift Keturah downwards to row 1, consistent with a general plan in the Great Stemma to relegate all patriarchs' wives to that row.

A peculiarity of the Liber Genealogus G is that it deals with Hagar first before running through the list of children of Keturah. There are no grounds to suppose the Hagar group was to the left of Abraham in the diagram.

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