Arrangement 6: Keturah


A maternal substemma of 20 roundels in three generations. Dimensions: 3 wide by 9 tall. Liber Genealogus counterpart: section 12, where one name (Iembram or Zimram), has by error been divided into two, Iebda and Baux.

The samples show (top row) Plutei, the San Juan and Foigny bibles and (bottom row) Roda and the Morgan Beatus.


It seems likely from a commonality among these examples that the ur-structure was nine roundels high. It is clearly not possible to accommodate the left branch without adding distance (as in the Roda example) or swinging the last item (Lo) to the right. The first of these solutions has been adopted. The black and white model below represents a possible reconstruction.

The proposed branching of the lines is minimalistic, in line with practice throughout the Great Stemma, where a sibling series is often enchained and thus given only a single connection to the parent.

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