Library of Latin Diagrams


  • Introduction
  • During late antiquity in the West, visualizations of information flowered. Classical antiquity had popularized tabular calendars - the fasti - and Greek geometrical diagrams, but had not yet stumbled on the idea of arranging abstract concepts in patterns to make them visually comprehensible.
  • Around the fourth century CE, diagrams of history, topology, logic and kinship are invented, mainly for educational use. Only recently, with the rise of infographic design as a profession, have those ingenious early diagrams been recognized as the foundation on which today's visualizations ... Expand
  • How to Use
  • All the images in this library can be made much larger or smaller with your browser's zoom controls. Most items can be scrolled both left and right, and up and down. Relax: altering an image won't break it. If you lose your way, just reload the page (press F5 on Windows keyboards) to start afresh.
  • If the Romans had had computers, this is how they would have happily read books on screen: by scrolling, not turning pages. These charts, with control 🔘 buttons to launch animated information layers, were built with a coding language named SVG. They are contemporary in linework ... Expand
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